About us

Why Buy from Francis Jewelers?

Francis Fine Jewelers is a locally owned and operated Jewelry Store. People can get jewelry anywhere, but when they want quality jewelry with friendly, personalized service they come to us. We'll remember your name, because we provide personal service. So, who would you rather purchase your jewelry from? Somebody that just wants a sale out of you? Or would you prefer somebody that knows your name, and will help you choose the piece that's right for you? You decide.

Company History

Francis Jewelers was founded in 1947 by a man named Francis Schrader. The company was then purchased by Jerry Zimmer in 1949. Ruth and Randy Baker purchased Francis Jewelers in 1997 and are the current owners of Francis Jewelers.

Our Store


Located in the Giant Eagle Plaza

Our Manufacturers

Art Carved.com
Rego Online.com
Seiko USA.com
Royal Chain.com
MMA Silver.com
Rembrant Charms.com
BF Brogan.com
Carla Corp.com
Church Co.com
Kirchner Corp.com
Gem East.com


Beautiful custom engagement ring and wedding bands! After going to another store and returning the engagement ring, we got more than we had expected from Francis Jewelers. You can trust the employees here, and they provide great customer service!

Brooke Schneider

I love them. They fixed my necklace at a great price. It only took them 5 minutes and they had the clasp I need. The other place I went to wanted $100 for the same clasp and had to send it out

Denise Lea Andy Carte